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[Egypt] Red October

Jul 21, 2018
It would be a typical day in Egypt. People would be out of the streets going to work, students would chat with their friends and classmates while walking to school. Cars would fill the roads, as people would try to avoid the rush hours, the time where it is really traffic.

But that was about to change.

In an old and abandoned warehouse complex, out from the city suburbs, 250 well-trained men would be preparing for what is to come. They prepare their equipment: Colt CM901 assault rifles, Barrett REC7 assault rifles, FN FALs, and L1A1 Self-Loading rifles. But they were not to attack. They were to meet another armed group. Ibrahim Al-Rashid would be the leader of these 250 men.

"Rashid, we are ready. We are awaiting your orders."

"Are we really sure about this?" He said, being lost in his thoughts.

"Well, it is your desicion. We could cancel it."

"If it is for the good of the people, then we will continue." After a few minutes, he would talk. "Alright, lets go. Bring all our men."

They would travel to a farm outside of Giza, in which the other armed wing would be waiting.
Jul 21, 2018
3 hours have passed, and yet no sign of the other team. Rashid became nervous.

"Lets move out. I have a feeling these guys wont show up." He said.

They go back to their Base Of Operations, and after another 3 hours of travel, they arrive and plan their next move.

Rashid would proceed to his office upon arriving, with his subordinate following him. He would then sit down and get 2 glasses and a bottle of red wine.

"Well, I've been thinking. We are doing this for the good of the people, but it feels so......wrong. We have guns and we can possibly harm anybody. Are we really doing this for the people? Or are we doing this for us.?" Rashid would ask.

"Well, we are loyal to you, we will support you, no matter what." His subordinate would answer.

"See those men? They are the most loyal men you could ever have. They are good, but they are also tough. I hope I can see everybody like this..." Rashid would tell him.

"Don't you worry, Rashid. We will be with you. We will make sure it will stay like this." He would say.

"The Communist Party Of Egypt is on the ropes.They won't last that long. But we still need to be vigilant. They still have a lot of men left." Rashid would add.

"Right. I'll call backup to increase security."

"Send 250 more men here. This place should be on lockdown."

"Will do, Rashid."
Jul 21, 2018
More men come as previously planned, from 250 to 450 men, because of the impending danger of the Communist Party Of Egypt. New guns begin to arrive, like Bushmaster XM15 assault rifles, FN SCAR L LB assault rifles, T65 assault rifles, and HK G36 assault rifles.

"Rashid, what should we do next? We are almost ready. Also, we have switched from the L1A1 and FALs to G36 and FN SCARs."

"Well, that's very good. Have we received the RPGs?

"Not yet. Next shipment is next week, so its long."

"Have you patrolled outside? Any news?"

"Nope, just as normal, really."

But outside, 150 elite CPE soldiers infiltrate the heavily-guarded complex. They silently kill the guards that are deemed dangerous to their mission. 3 hours have passed, and Rashid has not seen anything. But after another 1 hour, he sees a flash outside, and sees men marching towards the warehouse they were in.

"All men on stations! We are under attack!" Rashid would shout.

The men would ready their guns, and would train their sights at the door. They could hear the banging of the large doors and the gunshots outside. With Rashid is his 250 men, so he should be safe. After some time, the gunshots would wind down, and everybody was poised to shoot anybody who came through that door. Rashid would train his Bushmaster XM15 with a C-mag, ready to shoot.

Boom. The door would break, the men in front would be thrown backwards because of the force. The fight was about to begin.