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[Germany] The End Draws Near

Aug 18, 2018
The End of an Era/Will This be Worth the Troubles?
Full disclosure, I just wanted an excuse to put this song in as a neat little thing to listen to while thinking of what's going through His Highness' head. Imagine the turmoil, the grief, the confusion, the anger, the contempt, the sadness that can be felt in his mind as he waits for men and women representing the state at large, the Federal States themselves, and even the people of Germany — the average everyday man or woman — to show up and take their seats. Imagine what he thinks on the past decade of Germany in MN, and how any good person — any good man really — would want to do. Imagine how he questions himself on if all the troubles will have made it worth it to set up an official constitution, a new government, and a potentially brighter future for a beleaguered people. Just a little OOC note that I want you all to think about; just food for your thought the next time you're eyeing another country's nationalism.

Prince Friedrich was hopeful that those he had invited would answer his call. His patience was wearing thin as he sat in the Prussian House of Lords. To his left stood a secretary with multiple stacks of paper detailing a new Constitution draft that the Prince had designed himself with assistance from several members of the Federal Government that thought as he did. To his right stood President Celina Kästner of the HPDR, his party...the party that would usher in a better German Reich and put an end to decades of federal instability. However, if the Constitution draft was accepted and ratified, her position would be dissolved. Her position could mean nothing within the next month. If the Prince could help it, he would ensure that her efforts in helping restore House Hohenzollern to its rightful place among other royal families would not go unrewarded. She was, after all, a chief designer of this Constitutional document. Perhaps an official adoption was in order? Georg would consider such an offer after the convention had finished, but he would find a way to reward this woman's courage to stand up for what she believed was right.

Standing around the large round-table — clothed by the flag of the Republic centered with the Prussian Eagle — television crews & camera crews were set up, already taking pictures of the table and the contents upon it. Along with that, a live TV had been set up to show live tweets & retweets from German citizens, who put their own input into what should be in the Constitution. The discussion would be broadcast live on all major news channels in Germany, should the men and women the Prince requested show themselves, as well as broadcast live on YouTube. Requests were also made to broadcast this historic event live in other countries — primarily monarchies & democracies — across the world, with subtitles or translations, of course. That brought another thought to the tired Prince...would the other royalty of the world be willing to acknowledged Hohenzollern's claims? Would they even care? Would this event go down in history? Or would he and his vision be cast aside and forgotten about, only for another tyrant to come into frame?

To Prince Friedrich, this was all that he had dreamed of since the Battle of Europe: a new Germany, that could regain stability in its borders, show its pride and patriotism without the looming disposition of other nations. It was his vision to establish rules that could hopefully keep tyrannical abuse out and keep the facet of democratic, fair, and free elections in German politics. It was not a privilege for the Germans to be able to get over their past, but a right that should be inviolable. Instead, Prince Friedrich only felt contempt for those that continued to put Germany down whenever it attempted to act patriotic for itself for once. The air in the room was tense; it was a thick fog that could be cut with a knife. As Friedrich's mind raced, his thoughts darted back to his Great Grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The former German Emperor was remembered by history as a militarist, who wanted to show the might of the German Army through conquests...something that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand exasperated and brought forwards. He was also remembered as an honorable man who cared deeply for the German people. Oh, how Georg would plead with God to embody what he was least remembered for: a strong, but fair ruler. As he thought more on how he would be seen and remembered, the doors to the chamber opened, and from outside stepped in those he had requested in his interview with the the journalist a few months ago.

"Endlich," Prince Friedrich said softly to himself, "Jeder wird für das letzte Mal auf Gott für Hoffnung und Veränderung schauen." He then stood from the table with a large grin on his face as he strode forwards to greet the makers of the future. As he did, the cameras started rolling, and the event started its live broadcast across the internet, across the German news, and hopefully across the world. Germany's steps into the modern world had finally begun in his eyes.
Aug 18, 2018
"Alright...our first order of business, a formal welcome," the Prince stated with a smile. The rest of the room looked to him coldly, impatiently. Many of them had a country to run, and entertaining this idea would be tiresome and trifling at best.

"This house was once the seat of power in Prussia, in the German Empire, and even held significance in the Third Reich. This is to be the new main seat of power for the government. The Federal Chancellery, the Reichstag, and the Prussian House of Lords all working in conjunction with one-another."

"But what you suggest is a restoration of the monarchy. Let us be frank Mr. Friedrich. It would be better to allow us to continue the road we have gone down for decades," a member of the CDU/CSU Union Party from the Reichstag stated.

"But that's where you are wrong sir. Look around us. The German state is on the brink of collapse. Fascist regimes rose and destroyed the German economy. A self-proclaimed monarch has left in exile. The German military is falling apart at the seams. And the public cannot seem to decide what they want. This democratic 'experiment' — and I use the term very lightly — has failed since the reunification. It may have worked for West Germany during the Cold War, but it does not work now; I and many others have warned you, but now, we must take decisive action." The Prince then sighed and snapped a finger to the nearby secretary, who began to hand out copies of the new Constitution draft to the delegation.

"Which is why I have taken it upon myself, and asked for the assistance of others, in designing a Constitution that follows three basic principals: Freedom of the People first, a far more effective and less bureaucratic legislative and executive process, and no compromise of governance. Please take as much time to skim through this draft as I explain the basics." The secretary, after handing out copies of the new Constitution, took her place next to the Prince as he set up a slideshow presentation on the absolute basics.

"What we have done is modify existing portions of the Grundgesetz and remove unnecessary additions. From what I have been told, the Basic Law was very hard to understand...so, I will explain this as simply as possible. The first 21 articles are considered inviolable, nonnegotiable, and non-amendable, and shall remain as such. Furthermore, Section 2, having to do with the Länder and other minute details, has not been edited terribly much. However..."

"Excuse me," the Minister-President of Bavaria interrupted, "What gives you the audacity to propose this? Dissolution of the Bundesrat? Subsequent replacement with a slightly worse elected body?! You claim that this 'Volksrat' shall keep the Federal Government in check. How?!"

"By keeping Federal officials from making potentially disastrous decisions. The Federal Government has been empowered, the Reichstag and Landtagen given their proper role as legislative bodies meant to debate and amend bills, and the People themselves, chosen from 100 citizens, actually participating in the process of keeping federal powers in check. Furthermore, the Landtagen, and by extension you, shall officially take the role of the Bundesrat." The Prince's explanation seemed to satisfy the Bavarian Minister-President, but even so, grumbling was heard from the crowd as they skimmed through the articles.

"Now, regarding the empowerment of government, the Chancellor's position has been elevated to one that is on par with the Monarch...the Monarch, myself, shall be allowed to rule the German nation as I please, but shall be checked and balanced by the Federal Government and by the Volksrat. If we are to instate a more effective government, we need to heed the past, present, and future of Germany, and the potential of tyranny. It shall be all of our duty to coexist and bring Germany further into the future. Read further, please...we're going to be here for a while."

"But...why? Why can we not just work with what we have?" The Prince sighed, having already answered this question, but seeing that it was still going over their heads...he needed to pound it home.

"Because the German people do not want to work with what we have...they want change...they need an identity...they need unity..."