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[KOM]: A Party is born


Jul 2, 2018
A Party is Born
A strange figure appeared in the slum town of Antananarivo . Dressed in a brown coloured suit the man swept into the town square clutching a small red book in his right hand and a microphone in the other. Behind him marched 50 flag bearers bearing bright red soviet flags behind him as he walked. The man had a raggedy white beard providing a contrast against his bald African skin. The man's stern expression captivated those within the square as his aurora swept through. The man switched on the microphone sending a sharp, irritating sound wave across the square.

"People of Antananarivo ! How many more of your deaths will it take for you to notice our predicament! The bourgeois are thieving from you, using your dear beloved king as their vassal. The King sits in his palace all day, every day while you suffer in silence. Your rights to vote have been removed! The King has killed your sons, fathers and brothers in the name of his so called war on drugs! You have been fooled by the man who claims to stand for justice and honour!" The crowd begun to listen more intently as the sea of red flags filled the square.

"The King will continue to kill all those who do not fill the pockets of the rich and elite. He is nothing but a false prophet who claims to offer hope but really is firmly in the pockets of the upper classes! He ignores the pleas of the poor to give them houses, give them food, give them hope and instead chooses to fund his own private army which he calls the "Royal Army!"

My name is Hugo Leriva! My newly formed Malagasy Communist Party will be your true salvation! We must march to the King to deliver our demands! His total and nonnegotiable forfeiture of his non-existent crown! We must seize the means of production for the workers who work so hard to keep our nation running! Who sacrifice everything for the crumbs of the ultra rich! We must reform our system to reward work, not Wealth!"

"Join me and my team as we establish the New Democratic Peoples Republic of Madagascar! Let us bring down Imperialism and bring up our workers! It is your duty to spread the word of our common goals to your friends, family and fellow comrades"

There were cheers heard from the crown, which by this time had swollen to 2,000. The recent raid on drugs in the area has left many in the community falsely arrested or killed in the name of the war on drugs. The people of the slums wanted revenge and soon the stamping feet were soon to be heard by those in power. Flag bearers mingled within the crown, writing down names and gathering donations from those within the community. The party was growing