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[Project] Argentina/Brazil - Saint Peter Air and Naval Base


His Dudeness
Jul 2, 2018
PROJECTSaint Peter Air and Naval Base
PROJECT COST5,000,000,000.00
PROJECT INFORMATION* The 5 islands that make up the Saint Paul and Saint Peter archipelago island chain approximately 1000km northeast of Nateroi, Brazil will be converted into a air and naval base for the Argentine and Brazilian armed forces.

* Argentinian companies ArgenDef companies INVAP, and TANDANOR, will dredge all of the areas surrounding the 5 islets first and then using dredgers then will, using the sand from the islets seabed, place sand on the existing rocky islets, and then place thick layer of rocks are on that.

Finally, a thick layer of cement is added to the first two layers. Once this is completed they can then flatten out the entire island and continue to expand on it. The longest part will be to dredge and fill the cove between all of the main islets.

* The project will call for a 3500 foot runway capable of handling fighters and bombers.

* There will be three hangar areas, and an additional 3500 feet of runway to connect the 3 hangar areas to the main runway as they will not be all placed in a row in the same area.

* There will be 100 hardened aircraft shelters, capable of housing fighters, Xian H6 Bombers and drones.

* There will be a control tower.

* There will be 3 radomes, plus an additional Argentinian product unknown to the public.

* Built in foxholes and other fighting positions for 1000 Brazilian Marines. Dormitory housing as well.

* Executive housing for 200 pilots.

* Space for at least two SAM batteries (of four each), and two coastal battery systems.

* Paved roads connecting each facility. 25 VBMT-LT on base for transportation.

* Helicopter pad for 5 helicopters.

* Camp Hospital with 100 beds. Staffed by 1 military Platoon of 10.

* Firing practice Range for Marines.

* One Lighthouse.

* Two lookout towers. One at the north end of the camp. The second at the Southern edge of the camp.