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[Project] Italy - Project Charon - Modified Viral Hemorrhagic Fever


King Under The Mountain
Jul 1, 2018
TYPEResearch & Development
PROJECTProject Charon - Modified Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
PROJECT COST5,000,000,000.00
PROJECT INFORMATIONProject Charon is a modified strain of the Ebola Virus. This strain is modified specifically to be transmittable via aerosol (I.E. Coughing, Talking, Sneezing, Exhaling), ingested liquids (I.E. a cold drink.), and contact with any bodily fluids, including saliva. Furthermore, it's incubation period has been engineered to be far shorter than the original virus, and its effects on the body have been modified to be more damaging, and ultimately to create a higher likelihood of death.

Due to these vast modifications, normal treatment options for Ebola and similar VHF (Viral Hemorrhagic Fever) diseases will see limited success, and in the worse cases may ultimately speed up the death of the patient/victim. In order to keep this virus from spreading beyond a given target area, the virus' genetic code is implanted with "kill-switch genes" ensuring that only a certain amount of reproductions chained from the original laboratory-produced virus will be effective, and eventually the virus will become a chunk of dead DNA code. Ultimately, only a chain of around 20 transmissions between hosts is sustainable (meaning, on average, with an R-Nought of 2, around 1,000,000 people could fall ill to the disease, if not properly detected and contained quickly, before the "kill switch" genes would render the virus harmless).

This virus is intended to be deployed via Aerosol-releasing canisters (no bigger than a bottle of Febreze or Lysol), or by removing the vial from the canister and directly applying to ingested liquids (such as someone's drink.)

Officially, research into this virus is being conducted in order to better prepare vaccines for possible use against Italy, though it certainly would be capable of being used for evil, should malevolent forces within Italy's military or scientific committee wish to use it for such. Furthermore, the King and the High Command of the Italian Military have not yet been read in to the existence of this virus, as it has been decided that they would most likely object to research being made, even justified as a an attempt to create better vaccines.