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[ROM]: Bad Blood Brewing


Kingdom of Romania
Jan 3, 2019
"How many times must I tell you that we are not ready nor are we in a global position to mobilize our military and push into Moldova!" The King's voice would echo through the half-empty meeting room located within the Royal Palace of Bucharest. "You have made your stance on Moldova, the Odessa and Chernivtsi Oblast of Ukraine, along with Hungary very clear. And I have made my stance also very clear. Romania has just re-entered the global stage, for us to declare war within that short amount of time would be a ridiculously stupid move. Most nations already know our opinion of Moldova and Ukraine, perhaps someone out there will be able to help us achieve our goals somewhat peacefully. While you would rather let our people be killed on the front lines for a few bits of land."

The Co-ruler scoffed. "How dare you mock me so, brother? These lands are not just some 'bits', they're historically Romanian and thus belong to us by right!" Queen Cosmina would order the Minister of Defence to unroll a map onto the meeting table. "Do you see the borders on this map?"

"The borders of a nearly century-old map--"

"Do you see the borders?"

"Yes, Cosmina, I see the borders."

"This was at our people's peak, Cristofor. We have never been greater since. Our father saves Romania from poverty and starvation and now, you and I, we can save our people from shame. We can accomplish what so many have failed to do and grow the borders of our country by taking out the weak."

"War isn't honorous, Cosmina. No matter what your motivations are, sending people to their deaths just so that you can say you won some little squirmish. I don't know what it is about the past that has your mind so hazed, Cosmina, but I will not allow an offensive war with no purpose!"

"You're a cowa--"

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Apostol Pîrvulescu, would stand and speak. "If I may... so that we all keep our heads straight, Dear Co-rulers. Our country is still young and your rule younger, we should avoid creating a divide between us all. Instead, we should be using this meeting to come to a proper conclusion that will benefit Romania and keep all of us on stable footing with each other and the people."

The Minister of Defence, Nicusor Kogalniceaunu, would speak next. "With all due respect, Your Highness," he would say to the Queen before directing his attention to the room, "our army is still small and building up. While Moldova's Armed Forces are small, we still lack a proper amount of infantry compared to them. It's also wise to be mindful of foreign powers possibly being involved in defending the false nation. If re-taking Moldova is imminent then perhaps we should buy our time and train more troops before doing so."

"Yes, let us wait before we give foreign nations of the globe a reason to invade us."

"Time is time, brother," Cosmina said. "and time runs out eventually."