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[Sweden]: Republic of Brazil [Riksdag]


Kingdom of Sweden
Jul 23, 2018


Speaker of the Riksdag

Andreas Norlén

First Deputy Speaker
Second Deputy Speaker
Third Deputy Speaker

Åsa Lindestam
Lotta Johnsson Fornarve
Kerstin Lundgren

Father of the House

Beatrice Ask


Riksgatan 1, 100 12, Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 786 48 62

Republic of Brazil
Security Classification: TOP SECRET

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Kingdom of Sweden
Jul 23, 2018
A sitting is called within the Riksdag and the Committee on Defence is summoned the committee room for debate, the discussion is chaired by the Minister of Defence - press are not made aware of this meeting nor are they permitted within the room for obvious reasons. As per usual protocol the room is locked once the relevant convene. The room is noted within electronic records as under security classification TOP SECRET in line with the Document Classification and Security Act 2013.

May 2013
Committee on Defence
Volume 001
The Minister of Defence (Peter Hultqvist)
Ladies and gentlemen, I think you for convening at such short notice, I would like to make a statement on the Republic of Brazil. First and foremost I will inform you all that we hold this meeting in line with the Document Classification and Security Act 2013 and we work this afternoon under the classification of top secret; nothing discussed, shown or given to you is to leave this room without coming through my office please. We are but months into our current term as the Government of Sweden and already we are feeling the wrath of previous governments and presented with threats to our kingdom, our people and our reputation - Sweden has a position in the international area and we're slowly coming to the acknowledgement that we have a significant amount of wounds to heal. In the last few days we have received correspondence from the Republic of Brazil following a failed military asset deal which resulted in the exchange of threats and intimidation tactics. On the basis of threat to national security the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were contacted and we have agreed the move to place a Level 3 Travel Advisory against the Republic of Brazil was the most appropriate action to set an international statement without the disrepute that goes along with media manipulation; in general we have received a lot of support for this move via social media.

It is imperative that we take a stand against intimidation tactics and threats against the Kingdom of Sweden to stop other nations following suit. Honestly, I have no real proposal as of yet hence this meeting, but I have a wave of ideas running through my head ranging from physical military presence to legal action. This will be a hard fight and will cost us dear if we do not act in a sensible, mature and deliberated manner. Abandoning this situation is simply not an opinion.

This whole situation has began with the sale of the Saab JAS Gripen A, which the Brazilians wanted to dispose of for the sum of two billion dollars - Saab have been contacted and have agreed to halt foreign production without prior approval of this committee. No other physical action has taken place yet.

MP Erik Andersson (Stockholm County)
I would like to thank the Minister of Defence for his statement and for advance sight of it.

Nothing unites this committee more than the admiration we hold for our country and in particular the necessity to defend, restore order and set a president with our flag. The action of the Republic of Brazil is despicable and despite the action of our former government, which I strongly believe we need to explore, there is absolutely no grounds for this attack and this is evident in the support we have received thus far from the international community. As the Defence Minister said, abandoning this situation is not an option and I agree that we need to come to a reasonable but clear decision to stamp out the dominance of the Brazilian government. I ask the committee present, do we have any details on the military capacity or strength at present?

Will the Minister of Defence outline what steps the governnment plan to take to ensure the protection of Swedish civilians abroad and give reassurance to them and their familities as to what is being done to provide it, both now and after the decision is made to take action against Brazil? Do you share the concern that civilian deaths are possible?

The Minister of Defence (Peter Hultqvist)
We hold some information regarding the Republic of Brazil military capacity that we have obtained from encrypted publicly available state documentation.

I can tell you that we're aware of a small amount of equipment held by the Brazilians namely the one hundred and fifty JAS 39 A Gripen which they attempted to sell to us, we also obtained an order form and response form with Hangug Saneob orthwise known as Korea Industries whom confirmed the sale of four Sejong the Great-Class Destroyers and ten Daegu-Class Frigates. Finally we have a few documents submitted to the Chinese Arms Industry in which they requested the DF-21D Anti-Ship Missile System and four H6-N Bombers. There are a wealth of financial analysis which goes along with this but is probably not best suited for this meeting.

Aside from the assets we're also able to access infrastructure project reports where we can see Small Arms Weapon Plants relating to Israel Weapons Industries and National Cyber Security Centres giving them SIGNIT capabilities.

Now we cannot ignore the possibilities of allies, friends and partners of the Republic of Brazil, which I do have evidence of, there are a number of infrastructure projects relating to join cooperation with Argentina which as Asymmetric Warfare Training Center, vehicular infrastructure improvements and Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare Centers. It changes the battlefield significantly especially if the Argentinians are willing to jump to the defence of Brazil should we make any physical movements.

It is clear that, as we approach with any formal decision, there is a concern for the impact this will have on tourists and Swedish nationals within Brazil - following a thorough risk assessment I deem no imminent threat towards civilians at this time however this is something that we must revisit following conclusion.


Kingdom of Sweden
Jul 23, 2018
MP Sotiris Delis (Jönköping County)
I and many other citizens not only in my constituency but in the country and growing with concern as the Brazilians use the media to air their torrent of abuse towards not only Sweden but Taiwan with whom we are in good standing. Minister will you please make a statement on your plans to combat Brazilian attacks on civilians and foreign nations in public forums.

The Minister of Defence (Peter Hultqvist)
I have no doubt that everyone in this House joins me in expressing their deepest concern for a clearly volatile and uncontrollable foreign government who appear to have their heart set on our kingdom.

As the Minister of Defence I will make it very clear here, before the Committee on Defence, we are appalled and deeply saddened by the series of ghastly and cowardly comments and threats over the past few days. The Swedish Government condemn all and any attacks against our nation - they are completely unprovoked and we need to send a very clear message. To target this form of hostile activity will be a difficult task especially considering the lack of any physical attacks and the obvious logistical impact of deployment across the Atlantic Ocean. It is absolutely unacceptable that the Brazilians believe they can continue to put civilians in fear whilst abroad - something I am working very closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to rectify.

Our action needs to be negotiated with the international community to ensure we are not left out-of-pocket with no clear benefit. This is an ongoing challenge with significant intelligence-based backing. It is very clear from this committee that action is required and I will leave to make that happen. Ultimately, consequences will follow.