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Tourism As Monthly Income...


His Dudeness
Jul 2, 2018
If we are going to list as our Top 5 exports as products we can trade, than countries desirable for tourism should also receive income for that, especially if they upgrade tourist infrastructure. Tourism accounts for 20% of Thailands GDP. Two million people are employed in the German tourism industry. Nearly 10% of France's GDP comes from tourist revenues.

This could be an intregal part of the game, say if, for example, the Crown falls in Italy. Money collected from tourism will decline.

However, if say a country with beautiful beaches, gorgeous girls and cheap food suddenly legalizes Marijuana and works with budget carriers to lure people into that country, they should have an uptick in income due to the legality of a certain product other countries cannot offer.

Just my thoughts.


Staff member
Jan 6, 2018
I must disagree.

Whilst I like the concept as it enhances the realism aspect, this could be possible but only with work on the current system. Many countries, in fact, a majority, has too much money. Money is generated into the game regularly, giving Billions to each person. This should be enough as opposed to us generating more money; especially given that the only reason the majority of players spend is for their military.

Until there seems to be much larger investment in Civilian, the chances of us generating more money for you (in general) just based on your country, when you recieve plenty each tax week, is practically non-existent at the moment. Speaking as a player, I'd like to see the Economy be taken more serious instead of people just "Oh I'll buy 500 tanks", and need to contemplate actions, but that doesn't work when every has too much money already. There's no 'requirement' for many people to watch their expenses, or contemplate buying cheaper options, because a lot of money is just given to you for doing 8 posts within 2 weeks.

Think about it, tourism giving you income would just give everyone larger amounts of money, which does what? Just makes it easier for ya'll ;)
We could have more opportunities of RP, such as recessions, actual negotiations regarding money. Too much money can decrease RP.
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